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     Overview of Longpoint Solutions

     Longpoint Solutions is one of a kind niche boutique styled company. Longpoint was the brainchild of Louisa Gould and was formed out of clients needs. Longpoint combines the two industries Ms. Gould has experience in, corporate finance and creative design. While on Wall Street. Ms. Gould wanted to "make a difference" with human beings. " Now I sit down face to face with the benefactors of my work. I get to participate in the success of my clients businesses and lives."

     Longpoint works directly with each client and tailor makes all business, marketing and design products. You, the client can be as involved as you like, because its' your business.  Longpoint provides seamless business, marketing and production services and products, which eliminates needless time and money from their clients.

    Longpoint is growing it's network of professionals across the country, in order to provide professional services wherever you may be. The team at Longpoint travels to meet you and get the job done. Recently the team was in Boston, to provide a range of services for Right Turn, (professional camera work, professional audio work,  professional photo shot, photographs to the press,  and a final DVD is being worked on for national release). The DVD features Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

 Please contact us to schedule a meeting to see what solutions we have for you.  

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